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4 Signs That Suggest You Should to Replace the Windows in Your Home

It’s not always obvious to know when to replace the windows in your home. If you home are older than fifteen years, it is a good idea to look them over carefully to make sure they’re in good condition. Just as you typically have to replace other things around your home like appliances or roof shingles, sooner or later you will face having to look for window replacement installation services. Here are four signs that may indicate that it’s time to replace your home’s windows with new windows.

If Your Windows Feature Single-Pane Glassman older houses still feature their original windows that are made with single-pane glass. These types of windows are energy-eaters so to speak as they can make your heating and cooling bills soar. If your windows feature single-pane glass, they may freeze in the open or shut position or feel very cold to the touch during the winter months. Single-pane glass windows also can crack easily during the winter when frost builds up on the inside. Today, there are energy-efficient double-pane windows available that can slash your energy bills as they are designed to keep cold air outside.

Replace the Windows

If You Hear a Lot of Outside Noise When Inside Your Home house which features old windows often will be rather noisy inside and especially if your home is near an airport or on a busy street. If you are always turning up the volume on your radio or TV even when your windows are closed, it’s time for you to look at dual-paned windows or windows which featured laminated glass as these types of windows can reduce the noise levels inside your home.

If You Notice Your Furnishings, Curtains and Carpets Are Faded Old windows allow the sun’s UV rays to penetrate the glass. This can lead to your furnishings, curtains, rugs and artwork to fade. Today, you can visit nearly any home improvement center or window store and find a variety of replacement windows which feature special glass that blocks out most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It can become very costly to have to replace your upholstered furniture, curtains and carpeting every few years because they’re fading in the sun so do consider looking at windows for your home that block out the majority of the sun’s UV rays.

If Your Windows are Drafty or Leak Water sure sign that it’s time to look for new windows is if your current windows are drafty or if they leak water when it’s raining outside. No matter what Mother Nature is doing outside your windows, it shouldn’t be appearing on the inside of your home. Old, worn out windows often leak air.

 This not only makes your home uncomfortable but it also results in you having to pay more for energy to heat and cool your home. Leaking windows are an indication that your windows have become warped over time. There’s only one thing to do if your windows leak when it rains and that is replacing those old windows with brand new windows which fit tightly into the window frames.