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5 Easy ways to visually enlarge your bathroom

Many of us grew up in homes where the bathroom was more fit for a Hobbit than for a large family. Bathrooms were an essential, utilitarian room, of the house.  Oh sure, we all knew that family that had lots of money, a giant house and 3 big bathrooms… 1 for each person in the house.  (And ½ of a bathroom for guests, of course.)  But back in the day, it was just a room where you took care ‘of business’, bathed, freshened up and did your personal grooming.

 Makeup tables were often, in the bedroom at vanities, dressers and full length mirrors.  My how times they do change!  These days’ people are building spas and Zen bathrooms, in their new homes.  But, what if your house has a relatively small bathroom?  Never fear… Here are 5 ways to make your little Hobbit bathroom appear bigger. #5 OPEN IT Pit’s time to back away from the old fashioned linen closets.  Start knocking out useless closed in spaces and building or adding ready-built cabinets, that resemble functional furniture for your storage needs.  Hide a closet behind a sliding mirror/door and reduce the thickness of the walls and shelves.  Utilize under sink storage cabinets, too. #4 STREAM LINE FIXTURES Remove and replace big, bulky water fixtures and spouts.

enlarge your bathroom

  A more modern, sleek look can be achieved with such fixtures as today’s very popular waterfall taps and other stylish designs meant to smooth lines and save space (and water). #3 ADD IN WALL SHELVING Make your walls dual function.  Particularly in the case of your shower walls, cut out areas of the wall and transform them into a framed shelf.  A good example of this is those little seats, shelves and shampoo niches you see in manufactured shower walls.  Utilize the space between the studs for storage, making the room appear sleek and open.

#2 ADD MORE SHINE Use mirrors for more than just primping.  The placement of mirrors at a higher level tends to make the room seem like it goes on forever.  You will of course still need a mirror at the proper height, for that primping.  But, it’s simply amazing what can be done with the right placement of shiny surfaces and mirrors. (Consider a reflective siding on your above ground tub.)  Additionally, if there is a window in your bathroom, by placing a mirror directly across the room from it, you have just created another faux window.

#1 LIGHTEN UP Natural light not only cuts down on lighting bills, but adds the illusion of space to a room.  Knocking out spaces of high walls for a decorative window and the addition of skylights will really open up that room, while making it lighter during the day.

These wall meets ceiling windows are clearly placed too high for anyone to look in from the outside, but you can also utilize stained glass or shades that are translucent, if you’re truly concerned.  You will appreciate the natural light, as well for makeup application, if you are going to make an appearance in a location with natural lighting or out of doors.

Many of these changes can be taken care of by the seasoned do-it-yourselfer, while others may be better left to the insured and bonded professionals.