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5 Effective Flea Removal Tips for Homeowners

Often fleas can enter your home because of your pets. Fleas like warm, dark places and tend to cling to animals when they are outside. Unfortunately, this may cause your entire home to become infested very quickly. Fleas are also very difficult to catch since they are flat and tiny. Luckily there are several techniques you can use to get rid of these pests quickly and effectively. Here are 5 flea removal tips for homeowners.

Use a carpet spray on your rugs and carpets throughout the house. You can also use this spray on any upholstered furniture such as couches and chairs. Fleas gravitate towards dark spaces and crevices so be sure to spray underneath the furniture and in between any cushions.

Tips for Homeowners

Use foggers in your home. You can purchase these foggers at a local hardware store or home and garden center. Some foggers will even last up to 7 months for continuous protection against fleas. Depending on the size of your home, you may need 2 or 3 different foggers to be effective.

Clean your home thoroughly as well. Be sure to vacuum all the rugs and carpets before using a flea spray. Once you’ve vacuumed, be sure to throw the vacuum bag away immediately so that newly hatched fleas cannot jump out and back onto your carpet. For smooth surfaces, sweep and mop these areas in order to ensure fleas are not living in your baseboards.

Next, wash your pet’s bed as well as any toys or things the pet usually is in contact with. Fleas will specifically stay near a pet bed so that they can continuously feed on the animal. Remove the cover and clean that, but also clean the bed itself or just throw the bed out and buy a new one altogether to play it safe. Wash pet toys in hot water as well so that eggs are not hiding inside. Again, it is always the best idea to just through the toys out when in doubt.

Finally, a great trick for catching fleas is to set out a plate with a small amount of water on it. Put some dish soap in the water and mix it a bit. Then, take a tea candle and set it on the plate, in the water and soap mixture. The fleas will jump towards the light since it attracts them. Then the soapy water will trap them in the area so that you can easily dispose of them in the morning.

Do this for about 3 or 4 nights for best results or until there are no longer any fleas being drawn to the light. This is cheap, inexpensive and effective! All of these tips will help you to rid your home of fleas so that you, your family and your pets will be happy, healthy and safe in your home. In addition to flea control safety treatments, be sure to give your pet a preventative flea medication in the future to avoid a flea infestation again.