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5 Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Smaller Homes


Small homes have many benefits to homeowners. These homes are cozy, charming, and easier to maintain. However, storage is often not a strong suit of smaller homes. This lack of storage and reduce how much you are able to enjoy your home since clutter leads to stress and disorganization. To enhance your storage, you need to think creativity and out of the box. Here are 5 spar saving storage solutions for smaller homes to help give you the space you need and maximize or optimize a home storage potential.

Look up. You may be out of space on the floor and walls of a closet, but what about the ceiling? Often we forget to utilize this area, but it can be a great resource for precious additional storage. This is a great place to store lightweight items in an organized way such as holiday wrapping paper.

Space-Saving Storage Solutions

Reduce clutter in your kitchen and free up more space but uses other storage ideas. Us magnets, hooks, and clips to hang things on the wall instead of overflowing your darers and cabinets. You can hang things like spatulas, pots and pans and more for an organized space and a unique look.

Split up a room into two spaces by utilizing a freestanding wardrobe. Not only can this help to define separate living spaces in a non-permanent way, but it also adds a ton of storage space! You can use these for clothing or general storage and it’s as if a new wall and closet have been magically added to your small home instantly! Instead of using a traditional bed, consider a different option.

Use a murphy bed that can pull down from the wall. Ikea offers models that are much more modern and stylish than the regularly Murphy bed we think about when we hear the term. Some murphy beds have artwork on the other side, so that when you tuck the bed away, you have a design forward picture hanging on the while to enhance your space. This double purpose piece is wonderful for small spaces! Finally, use space in the wall to its fullest potential with recessed cabinets. If you have a free wall that you can build into without tampering with load bearing beams, be sure to maximize this space. You can use this area for book shelves, storage drawers or cabinets.

Instead of dealing with overwhelming clutter and a lack of storage, take action to improve your home’s potential, no matter how small it may be. By taking advantage of unique and effective organizational strategies, you can enhance your home and add additional storage where space was once wasted. Be sure to use all areas including ceilings as storage and unused walls for built in units.

Also, free up kitchen storage by hanging items uses magnets or clips, install a garage ductless system, consider installing a free standing wardrobe and more. All of these tips will make a tremendous difference in your home so you can enjoy more living space, less clutter, and peace of mind.