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How To Get The Look You Want For Your Home This Spring

Spring is the ideal time to upgrade your home and replace some older items and you can do so with not too much effort. Naturally, if your furniture has seen better days you may be thinking of replacing certain items to fit in with your new look but what items should you go for? Do you keep the majority of your existing furniture replacing one or two pieces that are looking a bit shabby or should you splash out and go for a whole new look in the entire room? We spoke to Priest Brothers to discuss the topic a little more!

Replacing the whole lot will mean you can update with a complete new style to meet your requirements. So, if for example your old dining table was purchased from a large international furniture retailer, chances are it won’t be made from real wood but will either be imitation wood or a thin wooden veneer. This time round you could invest in better quality items manufactured from real wood that will last far longer than your old version.

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Solid wood furniture is available in a number of different styles and woods from walnut to oak and everything in between, it’s just a case of deciding what you like best. If you want to go for a dark dramatic look then perhaps go for the walnut, however if you prefer oak and want a darker finish then take a look at one of the alternative finishes available such as a lacquer. Furniture like this would look particularly good against a bold dramatic colour on the walls. Alternatively, a lighter wood such as natural oak would look good in a more neutral setting and would be shown off at it’s best against a pastel colour or neutral cream.

It’s really just a case of deciding on the look you want, however one thing is certain, you will be amazed at the transformation a few pieces of decent furniture can achieve. At the end of the day, everyone has their own personal wants, needs and requirements but in most cases, spending a little more on high quality solid wood furniture is an investment well made and will result in furniture which lasts for years.

Many simply reach for the cheapest option, however if you want both great looking and long-lasting pieces of furniture in your home, it’s rarely good enough. They say ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and that’s certainly the case when it comes to furniture.

Find a high quality, reliable manufacturer and you’ll be guaranteed furniture which lasts a lifetime and looks great as well. You really do get what you pay for with the likes of beds, wardrobes and dining furniture and it makes sense to purchase quality first time round whenever possible. You’ll always find something in your price range; just shop around and take your time and choose the pieces which you feel work best for you and your home! Happy shopping!