Air Pollution

When considering the air quality of your home, many of us do not realize the harmful chemicals and toxins we bring into our living spaces in the form of seemingly harmless products and items. Your kitchen table or the…

Home Repairs

Whether you’ve had some formal training in plumbing, electrical, or carpentry or your dad had you help with regular household maintenance when you were a kid, you may have developed a DIY attitude when it comes to home repairs….

Winter Home Improvement Projects

Right now is the absolute perfect time to remodel, or to improve your home. In the winter time, your home is much less impervious to the extreme weather outside, which includes snow, extreme wind, moisture and jaw dropping temperatures….

Living on the water, or more precisely, on the waterfront, is a dream for many people. But what makes the prospect of owning lakefront property so appealing to so many people? After all, purchasing this type of property can…