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Professional Piano Movers: Well worth the Expense

Say you have an expensive piano and you are moving, whether it is across the street or miles away. How will you get it to your new location safely? You could move it yourself, however that would require at least three people and you will taking a lot of risks doing this. You could drop it and damage it, which could leave you with and expensive broken piano. You could hurt yourself in the process of moving it, leaving you with an expensive hospital bill and maybe even broken bones. You could also damage your home. All of these possibilities are very real and could all be prevented by hiring a professional piano mover like Hop Moving. Places like this specialize in moving your “priceless” art piece without damaging it.

Professional Piano Movers

The Cost of Moving a Piano

Should you decide to move a piano yourself, there is special equipment needed to do so. A piano can weigh anywhere between 500 and over 1000 pounds, meaning that you will taking a large risk in moving it without the help of a professional. Even the cheapest piano can cost $2000, indicating that there is a lot of money to be lost should something go wrong during the move. If the piano does get damaged, you may never get it back to its original appearance and worth. This is why it is important to inquire with a professional to get the job done.

How a Professional Moves a Piano

Professional piano movers have a specific procedure in transporting a piano to a new location. Many types of pianos need to be dismantled to be safely moved. An experienced professional piano mover has the awareness of how to do this securely and effectively. After taking apart this precious equipment, they will wrap the parts in a blanket that is made for this job specifically and then strap it to a board to ensure that nothing moves or gets lost. They will carefully move the piano on a specialized piano dolly and even hand carry it when then encounter stairs. Because of its weight and awkward shape, a professional will take special care in making sure that nothing happens to this expensive and even sentimental property.

Along with all of the special equipment needed to move a piano, a professional can disassemble and reassemble your piano to make it look as if it hasn’t even been touched. The good thing about hiring a professional piano mover is that they also have a different type of insurance than other types of movers. This is because the type of equipment they are moving is so much more valuable. While hiring a professional may seem expensive, you will definitely come out on the cheaper end than if you decided to move it yourself. If something were to happen to your piano during the process of moving it, you will be out of way more money and may not even get the piece back to its original condition. That is why a professional piano mover is so beneficial anytime you need your piano moved.