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Repair or Replace: Window Blinds In The Home

Window blinds are a very effective solution for controlling the exact amount of sunlight and have consequently become very popular with homeowners today.

Yet not only are they great for adjusting the amount of light which enters the room, but the design of the blinds means that they are very useful space-saving items and can come in a wide variety of different styles, shapes and colours.

However, over time general wear and tear of blinds may result in them becoming damaged meaning that they do not work as effectively as they used to.

Slats are the narrow flat pieces of material which are used to form the blind and it’s these which can often become broken or damaged and need replacing. Blind restringing, valance clip replacement and motor replacements for motorised blinds are amongst a few of the common repairs that your blinds could require.

If your blinds have become damaged and you’re looking at the best way to fix the problem, then you either have the choice of replacing or repairing the blinds. As soon as any damage occurs it’s best to quickly get on with fixing it in order to ensure no further damage occurs.

Window Blinds

However, with thoughts of cost, durability, effectiveness of both options to consider, it may be a little difficult to know which really is your best bet. So let’s take a look at some of the points that you might want to take in account when deciding whether to have your blinds replaced or repaired.

Assess the problem

The best course of action for repairing your blinds is to, first of all, know exactly what the problem is. By doing this you will quickly be able to ascertain whether it’s a problem that can be simply be repaired or whether the blind actually needs replacing.

In order to get some valuable advice about the blind problem, you could try contacting a local blind and shade company and explain the problem to them. The company will be able to let you know if is a smaller problem which could simply be repaired, if this is the case, then make sure to ask how much the repair would cost.

The extent of the damage will help to determine the best course of action

Generally speaking, smaller repairs including slat replacement, re-stringing and blind valance clip replacement shouldn’t be too costly to repair, therefore, you might find it more feasible to have the blinds repaired as opposed to being completely replaced.

On the other hand, repairing the blinds may not be your best option should the damage to them be much more significant.

From an aesthetics point of view, opting for a new set of blinds also has the advantage of you being able to add a new look to the room. With a wide range of blinds including Conservatory Blinds, Orangery Roof Blinds, Roller, Roman, Vertical, Venetian and Motorised blinds, UK Blinds & Shadings can help add a new touch of style to your windows, as well show you new and effective ways of being able to control the light entering your room to create the perfect ambiance.


Not only is the extent of the problem something which will importantly determine the outcome as to whether you decide to have the blinds replaced or repaired, however, the material of your blinds is also an important consideration.

This is due to the very reason that some materials which are more expensive such as wood could be more costly to replace altogether. As a result, should only a few of the slats need replacing, then it might be more feasible to have the slats repaired as opposed to replaced.

To recap, blinds which are pre-made and designed using a less expensive material are probably better to be replaced altogether, whereas custom blinds or blinds using a more expensive material might be better to be repaired, should the extent of the problem be fairly small.

Additional costs to consider

Cost is an important consideration to think about when choosing which option is the most cost-effective.

Although the cost of having the blinds repaired may appear initially quite cheap as opposed to having them replaced, you do however need to spare a thought for the cost of the labour which could vary quite significantly from company to company, not to mention the cost of sourcing the correct materials.

Therefore, whether you decide to have your blinds repaired or replaced, it’s essential that you determine a fixed cost for the blinds and any other additional costs such as installation before they are fitted in order to avoid any nasty high expenses once they have been fitted.

Durability and effectiveness win

Ultimately no matter which option you end up going for, probably the most fundamental point that one ought to keep in mind is how durable and effective the blinds will be. There is not point quickly fixing the problem for a cheapish deal, as within a few weeks the problem could occur again

Getting a few opinions from blind repair specialists, researching online and having a look at what other people suggest before committing to a purchase will help ensure that your blinds are either repaired or replaced using the best possible method.