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Tips to Design the Interior of your Small Bathroom

Being in the industry of interior designing, one very common problem that clients bring for me to solve is always about making a small place look bigger. The hard truth of modern city life is that space is limited everywhere. No matter how hard you search for a good place to live in, you will end up getting a small apartment. It is the same in all over the USA; and there is no escape from it. However, there are some ways in which you can make your small rooms look bigger and better. When you are designing the interior of your home or trying to make it look bigger, you surely need to think about every area of the house. And the bathroom is never an area to ignore. So, you must always think of making your bathroom look bigger too. Here are some amazing tricks that are generally my favorite ones. Wondering what are they? Take a look.


Use the same Tone

Don’t even think of contrast. Keep everything in the same tone of color. Don’t think of dark tiles and light walls or the reverse. It will swallow up the space in the bathroom visually. If you are thinking of adding something for contrast and to break the monotony, limit it to bathroom vanity cabinets only.

Same Color on the Ceiling too

Painting everything in a unified way helps to hide small defects. So, if you are thinking of what color you should use for the ceiling, I would suggest using the same color. If the ceiling is low or small, the same color will perfectly hide this defect.


Blend Tile and Wall

As I said before, don’t think about contrast anyway. Try to blend the color of the walls and tiles. If you want a bit of difference, add shine to tiles or a bit deeper shade will be great. Visually same colors will let the illusion play.

Same Flooring

There is no point of showing any kind of transition on the floor. It is better to have the same flooring in the bathroom, as well as in the shower. If you are thinking of changing the height of the floor for a shower, then refrain from this idea. Your aim is to make your bathroom look bigger. Only same flooring can contribute to that illusion.

Clear Glass for Shower

Smoked glass shower is a bad idea for a bathroom. It can completely ruin by providing a visual barrier. It is true that you will get light, as well as privacy yet it will make your bathroom feel smaller. Clear glass can be the best replacement for such condition. It will also add spark to the bathroom décor with its pristine cleanness.


Big Mirrors

Glass always has a way to contribute to visual illusions. Big glasses can make your bathroom look really bigger. If you strategically place the mirrors over the sink you will be amazed to see how well it diverts the attention from the space issue of the bathroom.

Natural Light

Natural light is the remedy for any problem regarding the space in interior designing. So, don’t even think of blocking the precious window, you have in the bathroom. Let the natural light come in through it. It will not only make your bathroom look brighter and bigger, but will also help you to get rid of dampness too.

Shelving in the Wall

If you are really worried about the space, keep a small RTA cabinet for the towels and other stuff. Add shelves into the wall. Keep your shampoos and other toiletries on these shelves. Adding shelves can seriously disturb the sync of the look of the bathroom design.

Use these ideas strategically for your bathroom décor. I am sure you will be surprised to see the result. Thank us later.